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Cross-Sections is an inter-disciplinary publication containing essays written and reviewed by the residents of Bruce Hall, showcasing a true cross-section of the academic talent found at Bruce.

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Current Issue

No. XII (2016): Cross-sections

Published: 2018-09-04

Representing the combined energies of a large group of authors, editors, artists and researchers associated with Bruce Hall at ANU, Cross-sections collects a range of works (from academic articles and essays to photography, digital art and installation artwork) that represents the disciplinary breadth and artistic vitality of ANU.

Presenting a challenging and absorbing way for students to hone vital research skills, in the process, Cross-sections nurtures a fruitful environment of collaborative interaction between academics and students.


About the Front Cover

Jarryn Smith
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 138


Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 124


Dr Rochelle Wilkins Tate
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 115

Rethinking Utopia

Julia Faragher
Abstract 424 | PDF Downloads 402

Europe’s Escape from the Biological Old Regime

Sarah Hodge
Abstract 944 | PDF Downloads 725

Solving the Twin’s Paradox with Special Relativity

Guy Leckenby
Abstract 307 | PDF Downloads 256

The Habits of Highly Successful Cyborgs: Artificial Enhancement and Equality

James Edgar Lim Tjen Yao
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 117

Reducing Palm Oil Usage

Anne Murray
Abstract 272 | PDF Downloads 186

Legal Realities of Virtual Property

Tiffany Tang
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 224

Legal Brief on Commercial Space Flight Regulation

Sally Wong
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 161
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