Published: 2021-04-12

The ANU Undergraduate Research Journal presents outstanding essays taken from numerous ANU undergraduate essay submissions. The breadth and depth of the articles chosen for publication demonstrates the quality and research potential of the undergraduate talent being nurtured at ANU across a diverse range of fields.

While ANU is widely appreciated for its scholarly production at the professional and post-graduate levels, less is known about the extent and the quality of research conducted by the university's undergraduate students. As we believe that this substantial share of the ANU community deserves equal attention to their more senior colleagues, and that originality, commitment and entrepreneurship are qualities to be found across the whole academic body, we seek here to showcase a snippet of the past year's undergraduate production.


Introduction to Volume 11

Benjamin Kooyman, Louisa Talipski
Abstract 227 | PDF Downloads 269

Page i-vii

Climate displacement and the need for legal protection

Sylvia Ghaly
Abstract 621 | PDF Downloads 1497

Page 89-107

Why we should trust scientific consensus: An extension of Naomi Oreskes’s argument

Timothy Hibbins
Abstract 365 | PDF Downloads 1199

Page 119-124

Treatment of migrant workers in the Middle East: Modern-day slavery?

Manya Sinha
Abstract 801 | PDF Downloads 1081

Page 144-154

Reality or rhetoric: The role of education in achieving gender equality in Myanmar

Asha Clementi, Rebecca Crisp
Abstract 619 | PDF Downloads 1360

Page 163-176