Information For Readers

Burgmann Journal is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication of collected works from residents and alumni of Burgmann College. Since 2012 the Journal has been publishing academic, opinion, and creative works, written by past and present residents to engage and stimulate the wider community. 

Burgmann Journal is entirely student run, publishing works from Burgmann students of all disciplines in all forms, as a way of contributing to academic debate, showcasing quality research and scholarly work from both our undergraduate and postgraduates, and enriching the academic culture of the College. Our small editorial team is committed to achieving a high standard during the selection, review and editing process, and we are grateful for the support from academics at The Australian National University and other universities across Australia for fostering greater academic rigour in our community and upholding the quality of the Journal

 We encourage residents and alumni in any programs to submit their work to the Journal to maintain the strength and diversity of Burgmann Journal’s works and to ensure its continued success.