Published: 2017-08-01

This ANU Undergraduate Research Journal presents outstanding essays taken from numerous ANU undergraduate essay submissions. The breadth and depth of the articles chosen for publication by the editorial team and reviewed by leading ANU academics demonstrates the quality and research potential of the undergraduate talent being nurtured at ANU across a diverse range of fields.

While ANU is widely appreciated for its scholarly production at the professional and post-graduate levels, less is known about the extent and the quality of research conducted by the almost ten thousand undergraduate students who represent more than half of the university's enrollments. As we believe that this substantial share of the ANU community deserves equal attention to their more senior colleagues, and that originality, commitment and entrepreneurship are qualities to be found across the whole academic body, we seek here to exhibit a snippet of this year's undergraduate production.


Report on the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit (1)

Jacqueline L.W. Williams
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 128

Page 1–4

Report on the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit (2)

Natalia A. Beghin
Abstract 212 | PDF Downloads 131

Page 5–7

ANU Student Research Conference: Research paper synopsis

Sachini Muller
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 134

Page 9–11

Biting the bullet: Fixing America’s quiet epidemic of gun suicid

Zackary J. Drury
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 196

Page 63–81

Health-related care for the Neanderthal Shanidar 1

Laura Kent
Abstract 950 | PDF Downloads 562

Page 83–91

Rationalising religion: The role of religion and conscience in Australian politics

Jonathan Tjandra
Abstract 254 | PDF Downloads 164

Page 93–103

Anzac Parade and our changing narrative of memory

Ian A. Dehlsen
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 169

Page 117–135

Painting beyond the stretcher

Sanne Koelemij
Abstract 240 | PDF Downloads 165

Page 137–144

Click, print, fire: 3D printing and the Arms Trade Treaty

Alex Catalán Flores
Abstract 279 | PDF Downloads 192

Page 185–197

Democracy in a globalised world: Case study of the Gezi Park protests

Maxwell Phillis
Abstract 216 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 199–211

Developing a framework for the assessment of the Australian research system

Albert Patajo
Abstract 198 | PDF Downloads 127

Page 213–236

Looking east: Vincent van Gogh and Japan

Clive You
Abstract 759 | PDF Downloads 533

Page 251–262