Editor in Chief: Dr Alison Behie

Alison’s research focuses in the general area of disaster ecology, specifically focusing on how severe environmental change impacts population health and reproduction in non-human primates and humans. She is also involved in primate conservation research projects in Cambodia and Vietnam and teaches an annual field school in Primate Ecology and Behaviour. She has been a lecturer in Biological Anthropology at ANU since 2011 and Head of the Discipline since 2015. In 2017 she was awarded a DECRA fellowship from the Australian Research Council to explore how exposure to cyclones and hurricanes has shaped behavioural evolution of primates in Madagascar and Central America.


Associate Editor: Dr Geoff Kushinick

Geoff is an evolutionary anthropologist with expertise in human behavioural ecology, which in its very broadest sense is the study of human behaviour in evolutionary perspective. More specifically, his research interests include human reproductive strategies, the evolution of social norms and institutions, mathematical and statistical modelling and analysis, and the peoples and cultures of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Although trained as a four-field anthropologist, his primary expertise lies in biological and cultural anthropology, and the synthesis of theory and methods from the natural and social sciences. Geoff has been a lecturer in Biological Anthropology at ANU since 2014. Before this appointment, he lectured in biocultural anthropology at the University of Washington, Seattle.


Associate Editor: Dr Katharine Balolia

Katharine’s research focuses on issues of sexual dimorphism, growth and development in hominoids. The aim of her research is to understand the relationship between sexual dimorphism in the facial skeleton and aspects of social behaviour, and how sex-specific patterns of adulthood growth and development relate to within-group social interactions and dominance relationships with the overall aim of reconstructing aspects of social behaviour in fossil hominin taxa, She has previously worked at The University College London, UK and the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology (CASHP) at the George Washington University, USA. She has been a lecturer in Biological Anthropology at ANU since 2016


Associate Editor: Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz     

Justyna’s primary research interest is to reconstruct past human adaptation (mainly in the context of behaviour/ biomechanics) from archaeological skeletal remains (bioarchaeology). Secondarily, she aims to further our understanding of skeletal growth and metabolism in humans and other vertebrates (skeletal biology) through the use of histology, experimental biomechanics, x-ray imaging, and micro-CT. Justyna has been a lecturer in Biological Anthropology at ANU since 2016.