Published: 2019-03-25

This ANU Undergraduate Research Journal presents outstanding essays taken from numerous ANU undergraduate essay submissions. The breadth and depth of the articles chosen for publication by the editorial team and reviewed by leading ANU academics demonstrates the quality and research potential of the undergraduate talent being nurtured at ANU across a diverse range of fields.

While ANU is widely appreciated for its scholarly production at the professional and post-graduate levels, less is known about the extent and the quality of research conducted by the almost ten thousand undergraduate students who represent more than half of the university's enrollments. As we believe that this substantial share of the ANU community deserves equal attention to their more senior colleagues, and that originality, commitment and entrepreneurship are qualities to be found across the whole academic body, we seek here to exhibit a snippet of this year's undergraduate production.


Introducing the AURJ Volume Nine

Julia Brown
Abstract 236 | PDF Downloads 241

Page 1-9

Recent progress towards achieving an international plastics convention

Nick Blood
Abstract 302 | PDF Downloads 189

Page 10-18

Trump’s trade tariffs and the Article XXI ‘trump’ card

Georgie Clare Juszczyk
Abstract 263 | PDF Downloads 350

Page 19-28

Grappling with dissent & political silencing during transition

James Atkinson
Abstract 227 | PDF Downloads 117

Page 29-37

Rotten spaces

Sarah Barrie
Abstract 242 | PDF Downloads 147

Page 38-50

Contesting the universality of human rights for women

Jessica Elliott
Abstract 265 | PDF Downloads 165

Page 51-65

Prosecuting elderly genocidaires

Rebecca Kriesler
Abstract 297 | PDF Downloads 187

Page 66-77

A sugar tax can answer Australia’s obesity problem

Clare Langley
Abstract 1073 | PDF Downloads 965

Page 78-83

Gold’s influence on Australian economic development in the nineteenth century

Tom Goodwin
Abstract 1074 | PDF Downloads 21163

Page 84-93

Unrepresentative swill? An unabashed defence of the Australian Senate

Julian R Moss
Abstract 384 | PDF Downloads 610

Page 112-122

Bird species richness and abundance

Yee Seng Tay
Abstract 361 | PDF Downloads 578

Page 123-137

The problem of induction in cosmology

Alex Lombard
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 233

Page 138-145

The role of human factors in airport baggage screening

Chenghao Yu
Abstract 448 | PDF Downloads 1109

Page 146-155

Cross-linguistic influence on Chinese-L2 learners’ acquisition of classifiers

Jiahuan Zhang
Abstract 373 | PDF Downloads 264

Page 156-171

The hard cases for actualism

Kida Lin
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 115

Page 172-184

‘We make angels’

Annika Morling
Abstract 353 | PDF Downloads 252

Page 185-197

Dear, Aphro[die]te

Dana Royle
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 96

Page 198-202