Published: 2023-07-23

Representing the combined energies of a large group of authors, editors, artists and researchers associated with Bruce Hall at the ANU, Cross-sections collects a range of works (from academic articles and essays to photography, digital art and installation artwork) that represents the disciplinary breadth and artistic vitality of the ANU.

Presenting a challenging and absorbing way for students to hone vital research skills, in the process, Cross-sections nurtures a fruitful environment of collaborative interaction between academics and students.


Do Future People Matter?

Harrison Bailey
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 76

Tone It Down

Ally Pitt
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 66

Japan and Germany

Cian Münster
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 476

Bounded Neofunctionalism

Ben Huntsman
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 63

Crackdown on Counterfeits

Chloe Woodburn
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 49

Legal Technology

James Boyd-Clark
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 0

The Brandenburg Gate: Mirror of German History

Cian Münster
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 192

Continued Fraction Factorisation Algorithm

Jean-Paul Hii
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 229